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Monthly Archives: October 2020

How to Utilize a Business Loan for a Franchise

If you are an aspiring franchisee, you will soon discover that getting funding will be the biggest hurdle towards achieving your dream. With startup costs ranging from $10,000 to $1,000,000, you have to look beyond your money to bank loans,... Read More

5 Tips for Transport Companies to Grow Leads

Transporting leads between stages in the sales process could be likened to the delivery procedure adopted by transport businesses. At times, leads get lost along the way and cause delays when it comes to conversion. It could also translate to... Read More

The Benefits of Factoring

Businesses often require outside financing in order to strengthen cash flow and foster further growth. One method of funding that works well in many industries is the factoring of your accounts receivables. Here are some of the benefits of invoice... Read More

6 Rules for Overcoming Adversity as an Entrepreneur

Although for some people adversity can be an impediment to success, for a determined entrepreneur it can be a stepping stone to further accomplishment. The business world is rife with adversity in the form of fluctuations in the economy, uneven... Read More