Every year brings new trends to the workplace, and 2020 is shaping up to be no exception. This post goes over some of the most prominent workplace trends to keep an eye on in the coming year.

More Remote Work

Among workplace trends, the rise of remote work stands out because of the sigh of relief it probably sparks among employees with rough commutes. Aside from being a welcome perk, remote work can also improve production, per Jessica Stevens at Fast Company. Expect more and more companies to offer remote work opportunities, both to attract new employees and keep existing ones happy.

The Continued Arrival of Gen Z

Gen Z has started arriving in workplaces, and the numbers will only increase throughout 2020: The oldest members of Gen Z are now in their 20s, meaning they have firmly entered their working years. According to the consulting firm Deloitte, Gen Z exhibits some unique behaviors and decision-making patterns. For instance, when choosing between jobs, they weigh how interesting a job is more heavily than in past generations. Deloitte also advises that to keep Gen Z employees on board, employers should prioritize creating a diverse workplace with latticed career paths.

Prioritization on Social Missions 

An increased emphasis on social missions—or corporate responsibility—is another of the key workplace trends for 2020. Millennials have driven many companies to take up philanthropic endeavors, and Gen Z will likely continue that push. As one example of this in action, the nonprofit organization BSR projects that Gen Z will prioritize sustainability as both employees and consumers.

Work-Life Balance

Finally, companies looking to hire and retain the best employees need to be aware that work-life balance is a must. That is truer than ever in 2020: Unemployment rates are low, meaning employees can more easily leave jobs that cause them too much stress without enough payoff.

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