Transporting leads between stages in the sales process could be likened to the delivery procedure adopted by transport businesses. At times, leads get lost along the way and cause delays when it comes to conversion. It could also translate to missed opportunities for the transport company. 

Losing leads suggests the presence of a leak or gap in your pipeline. Transport companies remain susceptible to leaks in their sales funnels. Below are several ways these transport companies can identify and secure the leakage.

Draft a Plan for Your Sales Funnel

Before you become a client, you must identify the path of every lead. It is best to have a comprehensive list of each step in the sales funnel. This is because these sales processes can become complicated. With a complete visualization of the entire process, you can identify potentially unwanted departure points in the sales process.

Speed Up the Reaction Time

When dealing with leaks in your pipeline, it is advisable to leverage on-time lead responses. The faster the response time to leads, the higher the chances of converting them into viable opportunities. It is also easier to speed up the reaction time for your team than to accelerate the travel time for your leads.

Adjust Your Sales Dashboard

Analyzing the correct figures helps in finding and fixing leakages in your sales process. Ensure that you monitor the progress of every lead in transit. Generally, CRMs and marketing automation platforms offer such innovative capabilities. You need to track your conversions, representative performance, and lead sources.

Stick to Designated Plan

You may want to reconsider your segmentation and targeting plans if the leaks are uncontrollable. Always remember that content must be matched with the sales process and buyer persona.

Ease Intense Traffic

Leads move at different speeds where some are slow, and others cannot go any further in the sales funnel. There are choke points that make it difficult for some prospects to move, and if left unattended, could result in leaks. The stalled leads require separate touchpoints to regain motion. Sometimes, it is best to break up these sorts of prospects.

Final Thoughts

Transport companies need to track and handle leaks. Reach out to professionals at Ambition Funding Solutions and fix your sales funnel.