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4 Workplace Trends You Mustn’t Ignore in 2020

Every year brings new trends to the workplace, and 2020 is shaping up to be no exception. This post goes over some of the most prominent workplace trends to keep an eye on in the coming year. More Remote Work... Read More

7 Benefits of Revolving Business Lines of Credit

Revolving lines of credit for your business allow you to borrow up to your credit line as many times as needed to help meet your company’s expenses and growth goals. You can either draw cash against the account, issue payments... Read More

The Importance of Providing Feedback for Employee Productivity

It surprises some managers to learn that many employees appreciate receiving frequent feedback. It lets them know where they stand without needing to take up a lot of a manager’s time. However, nearly half of all managers don’t provide feedback... Read More

Avoid These Common Invoice Factoring Mistakes

If you sell products and services to other companies, waiting for your customers to pay up can affect your business’ cash flow. The good news is that invoice factoring can help you access a cash advance on outstanding invoices. However,... Read More

Improve Your Business with Equipment Financing

While in the past, many business owners used equipment loans to buy new or upgrade existing equipment such as trucks and heavy machinery, there are innovative ways in which small businesses can use equipment financing. In this post, we discuss... Read More

How Do Business Credit Scores Work?

Just like individual consumers, businesses can also be issued credit scores. The numbers help to determine the creditworthiness of the business and whether it is able to pay back loans. Good business credit scores mean that your company will have... Read More

Loan Options for Engineering Companies

Today, some of the challenges affecting growth in the engineering space include limited financing and a shortage of skilled labor. Engineering companies need money for technology, payroll, transition into green practices, and creating niche business areas. Here are a few... Read More

What You Need to Know About Rehab Properties

Most homebuyers appreciate the historic charm and uniqueness of rehab properties in the retail market. However, the homes lack some essential features and conveniences that would appeal to modern buyers. It is important to know about these items and include... Read More

The Skills a Finance Business Partner Needs

Despite the creation of positions such as that of the Finance Business partner by many businesses, a good number of finance professionals still have difficulties when it comes to marrying finance and business management. Since the role of a Finance... Read More

How Your Business Can Promote Corporate Social Responsibility

In this modern era of instant communication and global opportunities, it is imperative for companies to foster a productive, inclusive, and socially-conscious workplace environment. Having a sound plan for corporate social responsibility can actively engage employees, increase value for shareholders,... Read More