Custom Corporate Financing for Your Business Needs

At Ambition Funding Solutions, we have the skills to guide you through the acquisition financing process. Our customized services include a detailed analysis of your current financial situation and the finances of the business you are merging with. Assets can be leveraged to make the merger as smooth as possible.

Custom Planning for Mergers of Different Sizes

We are able to finance mergers from a value of $250,000 to $10,000,000. Whether you are taking a small business on board or making a major acquisition, all of your individual needs will be taken into consideration.

Acquisition and Merger Services

The acquisition services offered by Ambition Funding Solutions include the following:

  • Expert business valuation to get an accurate view of the merging companies and their finances
  • Professionally drafted documentation to ensure a safe and smooth merger
  • One-on-one financial advice at all stages of the acquisition
  • A personalized financing plan to maximize convenience and savings during the merger process

Your Financing Options

There are numerous ways to finance a new merger or acquisition. Some of the most popular methods include payment in cash, payment in stock from the acquiring company, and various hybrid options. Choosing wisely among these options can give you the flexibility you need to make a successful merger with a minimum of adverse financial impact.

Call Us Today for More Information

An acquisition or merger does not have to be a stressful occasion. With help from the financial experts at Ambition Funding Solutions, you can grow your company safely and profitably. Contact us today for more information on our custom merger solutions.