Obtain the Equipment Your Company Needs

Every business relies on some type of equipment to operate successfully. Whether you own a software startup that requires computers or a construction company that uses heavy machinery, the equipment your business needs is a significant expense. Equipment financing from Ambition Funding Solutions enables businesses of all sizes to secure the machinery they need to thrive.

What Programs Do We Offer?

Ambition Funding Solutions understands that every business has individual needs when it comes to equipment. To accommodate these varying needs, we offer four different programs to help companies obtain equipment. The category your business falls into determines which of the following programs it qualifies for.

  • Sale and Lease-Back Programs: If you prefer to finance equipment, this option allows you to do so with the intention of purchasing it once all of the payments have been made.
  • Startup Programs: New companies have limited profit margins with which they can purchase equipment. This programs allows them to obtain the machinery they need by making monthly payments for it.
  • B, C and D Programs: Similar to startup programs, this option allows companies with poor credit histories to purchase equipment.
  • Government and Municipal Programs: Public entities such as police stations and libraries can obtain equipment with guaranteed approval through this program.

Why Is Equipment Leasing a Good Investment?

For some businesses, leasing equipment is a better option than financing it. Since you are not in debt through leasing, you are free to upgrade to the newest models and technology with minimal hassle. You will be able to save your cash for other expenses and have the freedom of making low monthly payments.

How Is Equipment Financing Beneficial?

Purchasing your equipment outright can often be too expensive. With an equipment lease you can pay for your equipment over time and potentially have the option to purchase it when your lease is up. Additional benefits include:

  • Flexibility to upgrade your equipment
  • No impact to bank credit lines
  • Fixed, low monthly payments
  • Use your cash saved from leasing toward other important business needs
  • Tax benefits

We have a variety of equipment leasing programs and can help you find the option most suitable for your needs.

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Equipment financing is designed to help your company flourish. Ambition Funding Solutions can help you get funded in potentially as little as 24 hours, so contact us today.