Could an Unsecured Business Line of Credit Be Right for You?

Do you have good credit and need capital to help with your business operations? Ambition Funding Solutions’s unsecured business lines of credit may be for you. We work with both startup and established businesses to help them with their cash flow needs. Better yet, this type of debt doesn’t require any collateral. The decision is made on your business’ financials and your credit.

How You Can Qualify

If you have an established company, you can qualify based on your credit history and revenues. We typically offer unsecured business lines of credit as a percentage of annual revenue. Applying is easy, we only need basic financial statements.
Even if you don’t have established revenue, you may still qualify. We work with start-up companies based on the owners’ credit histories. Provided you have good credit, we could offer you a line of credit of tens of thousands of dollars to help you get your business up and running.

Benefits of Our Lines of Credit

  • No collateral is required, only your financials and credit.
  • We offer excellent rates.
  • When you first open your line of credit, we will provide an even lower introductory rate if you qualify.

Get Started

Learn more about unsecured business lines of credit from Ambition Funding Solutions. Contact us today to speak with a representative.