The world needs millennial leaders to take the world into the next decade- and beyond. But what does it take to be a great leader? While society is ever-changing, the traits of an effective and efficient leader have not.

Here’s how millennials can become great leaders in today’s world:

Value the Team

Treat your staff as valued members of the team and you can improve productivity and morale multi-fold. Offer them opportunities, chances to learn, and advice in order to advance their position or place with your company. This is the best way to foster loyalty, which is invaluable to a leader.

Provide Affirmation and Positive Reinforcement

Educate staff with positive affirmation and reinforcement instead of negativity. This is empowering and creates a trust that will make your team comfortable in coming to you for any reason. Negativity, when mistakes are made, can create a divide between you and the staff.

Model Leadership Behavior

Practice what you preach. Model the behaviors that you would want to see in your team. Earn respect by being respectful and respected, in what you say and do in and out of the workplace.

Be Cool

The way that you act in a crisis or challenging situation says a lot about leadership skills. If you want to be a great leader guiding business or group toward success, practice staying calm and cool in the face of adversity.

Inspire and Motivate

Another characteristic that will aid millennial leaders is the ability to inspire and move others to act. Leaders can be persuasive and convincing, though not inauthentic or disingenuous.  

Control the Craving for Power

A little bit of authority can go to your head; millennials that want to make a difference in the world should check themselves when they notice that they crave and are motivated by power. A great leader works tirelessly for everyone on the team to thrive and prosper.  

Set the Bar High

Millennial leaders should set high expectations of themselves, as well as those around you. This encourages you to continually strive and grow. Don’t settle and send the signal that a subpar performance is okay.

Use these tips to foster leadership traits in millennials and team members now. Got other business-related queries? Reach out to the industry insiders at Ambition Funding Solutions today!