Entrepreneurship can look awfully tempting when you’re stuck in a dull job with little opportunity to advance. The thought of controlling your own income and schedule is exciting, but you also need to consider the responsibility. Specifically, you need capital to start any type of business regardless of how small.

What can you do when you have a great idea for a new business venture but little to no money to get it off the ground? You need to determine the answer to this question to avoid being among the roughly 75 percent of new small business owners who must close within the first two years of operation.

Test Your Business Idea to Ensure Demand

Maybe you already have products or services in mind and even know how you would like to price them. Unfortunately, that doesn’t mean you’re ready to go to the market just yet. You need to make sure people want to buy what you’re selling and that they will pay enough for you to make a profit on it.

Spend time researching your niche and market to make sure it’s not already oversaturated with what you want to introduce. The more unique your offering and the more problems it solves for people, the more profits you can expect. Ask your friends what they would like to see that’s not on the market now, conduct focus groups, and study the competition as much as you can.

Consider Working with a Co-Founder

Launching a new business by yourself with little capital can be extremely challenging, especially if this is your first shot at entrepreneurship. You will have an easier time obtaining business financing when two or more people apply and contribute towards repayment. Your co-founder or partners also offer important emotional support during the long days and weeks of launching your startup.

Ambition Funding Solutions is Here to Help You Succeed

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