In the past, there simply weren’t too many options available to you when you needed funding for your small business. Either friends or family might supply the cash, or you would have to apply for a loan from the bank. These days, bank loans are hard to get approval for, but fortunately, there are a number of other options that have become available to you in the past couple of decades, so that you’ll have some legitimate options for securing the funding you need. Here are some of the best ways to secure business financing in modern times.


Invoice factoring has the advantage of being a very quick transaction, and when you need cash in hand immediately, this could be your best bet. An alternative lender would purchase some or all of your invoices at less than their face value, and would then take on the responsibility of collecting the amounts from your customers. Once those amounts have been collected, your company would receive the balance of the invoice value, minus the fee which would be subtracted by the lender.

Business Line of Credit

This is probably the very most flexible business financing option available to you. If you can qualify for a business line of credit, it can be used to cover virtually any kind of business expense, and it can even help you get over down periods in a seasonal business.

Tap Your 401(k)

This should be considered a last resort type of option, but it is possible to tap your 401(k) without being penalized if you do it right. Keep in mind that you’re subtracting from your retirement nest egg by doing this, but if the business opportunity warrants it, it is a viable option for you.


This is one of the newest funding possibilities, and it involves the creation of a website that anyone can visit and can contribute money to your cause. In return for these contributions, donors would receive some kind of return, such as an interest in the business or some kind of other rewards.

Angel Investors

Angel investors are those who contribute funding for a project or business, and who generally receive some kind of interest in the business. This might be a seat on your board, it might be a percentage of the business, or it might simply be a return of the original investment with interest.

Does Your Small Business Need Financing? 

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