In this modern era of instant communication and global opportunities, it is imperative for companies to foster a productive, inclusive, and socially-conscious workplace environment. Having a sound plan for corporate social responsibility can actively engage employees, increase value for shareholders, and build positive brand recognition. Here are some ideas for implementing corporate social responsibility in your business.

Make Social Responsibility Part of Company Culture

Your human resources department can go a long way in changing the image many consumers and employees have of companies keeping only profit in mind and being disdainful of the environment and society. Making corporate social responsibility an integral aspect of your company culture and brand image will suffuse your personnel with enthusiasm. Steps you can take include sponsorship of community events, the matching of employee contributions to charity, and encouragement of employee participation in volunteer days, food banks, walkathons, and other community programs.

Initiate Green Practices

One of the most consistent and visible steps in implementing corporate social responsibility involves initiating green practices around the office. For instance, be sure to recycle bottles, cans, paper, and other materials. Shut off lights and equipment when they are not being used. To be energy-conscious with transportation, encourage the use of public transit, carpooling, teleconferencing, and telecommuting.

Celebrate Successful Involvement in the Community

Your training and development programs should imbue awareness of the connection between the products and services you offer and their value to society. Highlight the accomplishments of employees and managers who participate in community service via newsletters and emails. Offer reward programs for community involvement. When your company achieves success in sustaining community programs, have a celebration that involves the company leadership. Additionally, be sure to publicize these achievements so that people in your region are aware that your company is concerned about and becomes actively involved in issues of importance to the community.

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