One of the best ways to make money is with money. But where do you get it when you’re a small business scratching by? There is no better time to start planning than now. Here are some keys that you should keep in mind to make sure you can handle your financing demands.


When it comes to small business financing or any financial matters, cash is still king. Better than going into debt is having hard cash on hand to handle your needs. You can do anything with cash, and remember that it makes you money because you will earn interest on it wherever you have it deposited. It’s nice to be on the receiving end of interest, isn’t it? Have at least a few months’ worth of expenses in cash on hand for emergencies, and create a plan to build up greater reserves.

Credit Cards

It’s reasonably easy to get ahold of a credit card, especially if you have an excellent personal credit score. If that’s not the case, look into getting a secured credit card. As with any credit card, watch your spending because the interest rates can be a big pain point. Pay it off consistently to build your business credit score and take advantage of whatever rewards you get.


It takes some work and dedication to finally win one, but grants are the holy grail of small business financing. The grants you may qualify for will be dependent on your industry and work, your status or demographic, and your state.


If you are already sitting on a loan or loans stretching you too thin, think about refinancing. Try to get into a longer-term loan with better rates if possible. Even if you have a decent loan, you may be able to get better terms if you’ve boosted your credit score. Lenders also like to see a long business history and increasing revenue, so if you’ve gained either, check if you can refinance into a better deal.

Secured Loans 

If you’re struggling to qualify for a loan, remember that you may be able to use collateral for security. As long you have a solid and reasonable business plan, collateral-backed loans can help you build or rebuild credit and get the cash you require in a pinch.

The more cash you can access, the more freedom you have to keep your business rolling and growing. Don’t leave finance issues to when a problem arises. Think ahead and consider how you can care for your financing now.