A lot has been said about being productive when you work from home. If you’re a manager who is overseeing a team that works from home you might be wondering how to keep up with a team that really isn’t under your control. You still have a roll, but you can’t see what is happening from the office floor any longer. Here are some tips to help you lead a team during this COVID-19 pandemic.

Trust Your Team

Managers now have to trust their team to do the work. While this can seem to put you at the mercy of the team, rather than in charge, it actually achieves the very effect you want. Studies of managers who distrusted their staff demonstrated that it doesn’t work. People broke the rules when managers laid out rules that assumed they wouldn’t work from home effectively. Pulling rank to remind people who is boss is another technique that doesn’t work. Leaders who trust their team get better performance and more effort.

Managing During a Pandemic

If you’re managing from a position of trust, you still have to stay on top of problems that occur. Parents who once had day care are now trying to school their children while working. Some employees may be taking care of elderly parents. Rather than threaten your team with sanctions, you need to ask your team what is really doable. Solve problems and encourage your team to follow through with their duties. Create an atmosphere in which people can come to you with issues and mistakes. Deal with those things professionally. You are a leader, not a parent.

Your treatment of your team during this COVID-19 pandemic will be remembered when you go back into the office. Treat them well now to continue to earn their trust.

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