It surprises some managers to learn that many employees appreciate receiving frequent feedback. It lets them know where they stand without needing to take up a lot of a manager’s time. However, nearly half of all managers don’t provide feedback to their employees outside of the annual review. This is unfortunate since regular feedback is an easy way for managers to improve employee productivity.

Why Speaking to Employees One on One is Important

Managers should always provide feedback to employees in a confidential manner, regardless of whether it’s positive or negative. Beyond that, meeting with employees individually helps put time back in everyone’s day. That might seem like an incorrect statement when you consider that scheduling a time to meet and then spending several minutes doing so takes time that everyone could use to accomplish other tasks. While that’s true, it also helps to focus and re-direct employees before they get too far off task. In that regard, it saves time from having to deal with additional problems later.

Another benefit of personal meetings with each employee is that it deepens the sense of trust they have towards you as a manager and connect them to a larger purpose. Feeling listened to and engaged on the job are two essential factors to improve employee productivity.

Tips for a Successful One on One

An unfocused meeting with employees or one in which the manager only lists complaints is not likely to increase employee productivity and contentment with the job. Instead, managers should come prepared with an agenda and devote time to addressing both positive job performance and areas where the employee could improve. The goal of these meetings is to shift the employee’s thinking into one of a growth mindset and for him or her to feel more confident in taking on new tasks. In fact, developing employees in this manner is one of the top obligations of every manager.

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