There are literally tons of literature available offering advice on how you can boost productivity in your company. But in many cases, even after implementing some or all of these recommendations, business owners find that they’re stuck in the same rut, with no real improvements brought about by the advice. Here are some myths about productivity which you should avoid, either because they’re only half true, or because they’re outright incorrect.

Mimic the Habits of Successful People

You’ve heard this one before, and it goes something like you can be outrageously successful yourself if you follow the same routine that Steve Jobs did. There are a number of reasons why this is a flawed approach, and any good psychologist can tell you that you won’t become successful simply by repeating the habits of someone who is. Putting successful people on a pedestal can seriously impede your own efforts, and it can stifle your individuality as well.

Maximize Every Minute of the Day

Everyone has heard the story about how it’s important to maximize every minute, to finish as much as you can, and to do it as fast as you can. The truth is, all that is completely contrary to basic human nature, and there are actually only about three to four hours on any given day which are likely to be truly productive. Being productive isn’t about being a whirlwind of accomplishment, it’s more about making good use of those few hours each day where you are naturally inclined to be productive.

Set Huge, Difficult Goals for Yourself

This is another productivity myth that can be counter-productive because it can overwhelm a person by establishing an objective that is too big and too much to accomplish in the time frame allotted to it. This can actually backfire, and cause you to think that whatever you’re trying to accomplish is just too daunting and too difficult. Studies have shown that people who are obsessed with goal achievement actually end up being less productive than people who are simply appreciating the experience they’re going through.

Would Your Company Be More Productive with Business Improvements? 

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