Dealing with employees can be challenging some days. Dealing with lazy employees adds another layer to the problem. It can be helpful to really take a look at why your employee is unmotivated. Lots of people are having problems during the pandemic. This doesn’t mean they get a pass on being lazy, but understanding why can direct your reaction and let you offer grace. If you’re trying to get a handle on a lazy employee, before you dismiss them, give the person a chance to change. Be direct and don’t beat around the bush. You’ll be doing them a favor.

Document Behavior

No matter why the employee is acting lazy, you’ll want to have concrete examples of when and what is happening. If someone is taking long lunches, make a list of when they vanished. Track excuses for why they aren’t turning in work. This can help you see a pattern, which is going to help you address the issue appropriately. Make sure you’re handling the situation in accordance with your company’s rules and state labor laws. Avoid making generalizations that could get you in trouble, such as thinking that someone is lazy due to their race.

Address the Behavior

When dealing with lazy employees, you are going to have to take a direct approach. But, you shouldn’t make assumptions about their behavior. Sit the employee down and outline what you have noticed. Explain how it is affecting the business. Don’t make it personal. Communicate what needs to happen to fix the problem. Be concrete. Even if you don’t put them on a traditional performance improvement plan (PIP), you should make sure that the person understands the seriousness of the situation. Don’t forget to document everything. If the pattern continues, you want to be able to remember what you said. Make a plan to follow up with the employee to find out how its going.

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